Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment & PPE



Stocking a wide range of safety workwear for all work types, look no further than EWDMS for your bulk safety equipment.

Covering all of your mining and drilling wear, from leather steel toe capped boots and gumboots, durable long pants and shorts, all high viz clothing for an array of weather conditions and quality headwear. If you need it, we will source it, embroider with your company logo and staff names if required and ship it directly to you. This saves you having to shop around.

Safety Equipment & PPE Workwear

Eye Protection

Safety is paramount when it comes to your eyes. Through our experience in the field, we know what works. Choose the best brands with superior optics and seals, to reduce eye fatigue, fogging and exposure to microscopic chemicals in the air from drilling and lathe work in badly ventilated, enclosed spaces. Talk to us about your needs, we can help you and your staff to comply with safety requirements and stay comfortable whilst being productive.
Safety Equipment & PPE Eye Protection

Head & Face Protection

Accidents happen and we need to be prepared. Make sure that your workforce is protected from head to toe. We have access to a wide range of quality PPE, head and face protective wear. With a vast array of chemicals being used in the drilling and mining industry, make sure everyone has the right equipment. Talk to our mining advisor, Tony and cover all of your bases. East West Drilling and Mining supplies are there for you!
Safety Equipment & PPE Head & Face Protection

Hand Protection

There are many types of glove out there on the market and all of them are designed to do a job and to provide maximum protection for the user. Used correctly, each pair can save injuries, reduce time off due to impairment, help your company to practice safely and improve productivity. We stock gloves specifically used in the mining industry and we have experience in their usage, so we can advise on which type of safety gloves you need. From impact resistant gloves, cut and puncture resistant gloves, chemical resistant gloves, cold weather safety gloves, disposable gloves…. Let EWDMS help and advise you to get it right.
Safety Equipment & PPE Hand Protection

Hearing Protection

Mining is and always has been hazardous. Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a major issue and hearing loss can go unnoticed for years. Make sure you and your workforce are protected from hearing problems caused by working in the industry. Getting it right is essential. Not enough protection can result in damage and too much protection can cause detachment from the job and accidents too! We stock all PPE for your ears and can advise on which product is right for each job. We stock comfortable options in Disposable Earplugs, Ear Defenders/Ear Muffs, all rated to give users maximum protection within Australian safety guidelines.
Safety Equipment & PPE Hearing Protection

Spill Containment

Having the right products to deal with any spills in the mining industry can save lives, the environment and precious time. Accidents happen in our industry, but good training and knowledge, the right equipment and containment solutions can avoid major issues. We stock all essential equipment, including Spill Equipment, Spill Containment Solutions, Spill Kits and Absorbents to combat these accidents and reduce the impact, quickly and safely. Ask us what is right for your projects and keep everyone as safe as possible.
Safety Equipment & PPE Spill Containment

Service Area

With depots and storage facilities in Bendigo VIC, Caboolture QLD, Lae and Tabubil PNG, East West Mining Supplies services the whole of Australasia, much of Asia and has clients in South Africa. We can provide the highest quality mining equipment and our vast array of honest and expert services across the world.
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