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Mudex was formed in 2014 after completing a strategic partnership with NorthStar and MayanStar drilling fluids. With these partnerships, Mudex has been able to develop a range of drilling fluids to suit a vast array of ground conditions, ensuring that Mudex has huge experience and has access to products designed for customers all over the world. Mudex has its own manufacturing facilities and own designs of fluids, therefore, Mudex have the ability to quickly tailor formulations to accommodate a range of geological or environmental situations. They can also manufacture specialty products that suit a customer or the drilling environment needs.

We have a stock of popular Mudex products and can source other Mudex products and speciality fluids on your behalf.

Mudex Products

• Airseal
• Bio Hammer Oil
• Bio Hammer Oil G
• Bio Tack
• Biocide
• Bore Cleanser
• Cement FR
• Clay Breaker
• Clay Fix
• Clay Slayer
• Core X
• DD 5000
• Degreaser
• Enviro VIS
• Ezy Water
• Flash Grout
• Floc Blocks
• Floc X
• Foam X Plus
• Foam X SW
• Gel Plex
• Gel X 180
• Gel X SW
• Gel X Ultra
• Geo Bond 2.0
• Ground Stabilizer
• Grout X
• Kla Bore
• Liquid VIS Pac R
• Penetrex
• Poly Vis 2000
• Poly Vis HV
• Poly VIS Liquid
• Poly VIS LV
• Pro Drill
• Sand Star
• Seal X
• Slow Cement
• Stargel Xtr
• Truckwash
• Tube Lube
• Universal
• VIS Pac L
• VIS Pac R
• VIS Trol
• Vis Trol RD
• X Det 20
• X Frac (DD)
• X Frac (Supa Seal)
• X Plug (Coarse)
• X Plug (Fine)
• X Shear
• X Torque
• Xan VIS
• Xpanda Foam A & B
• Xt Rod Grease

Tiger Fluids

Tiger Fluids is backed with considerable industry experience. We have created an innovative way to supply and service our customers with a vision of offering both choice and solutions that will enhance drilling performance.
We carry an extensive range of Tiger Fluids products.

Founded in 2012 by industry professionals with vast experience of mining and drilling in the Asia Pacific area, the company has gone from strength to strength. With their own, in house range of muds that are tailored specifically for the Asia Pacific region, Tiger fluids offer quality products at very competitive prices.
Tried and tested in the APAC region, Tiger products have been found to considerably improve the productivity of drilling and mining. Designed to be cost effective, simple and effective to use, Tiger Fluids are a local choice of muds for your mining company. All Tiger Fluids products are manufactured in house, meeting and exceeding industry specifications.

EWDMS has a strong working relationship with Tiger Fluids.

Bentonite Products
• Tiger Gel
• Tiger Ben

Polymers, Viscosifiers, and Filtration Control Additives
• Tiger Drill
• Tiger Drill Plus
• Tiger Core
• Tiger Trol
• Tiger Super PAC R
• Tiger Super PAC L
• Tiger Xan

Foam, Detergents, and Bore Cleaning Products
• Tiger Foam
• Tiger Det
• Tiger Clay Sperse

Lubrications and Collar Foam
• Tiger Slick
• Tiger Multi Slick
• Tiger Deep
• Tiger Hammer Oil 320
• Tiger Collar Foam A & B

Loss Circulation Material
• Tiger Swell
• Tiger Core
• Tiger Shur Seal
• Tiger Kwik Seal

• Tiger Super Tacky Rod Grease
• Tiger Thread Grease

Specialty Products
• Tiger Coal Drill
• Tiger System One
• Tiger Coremax
• Tiger SureCore
• Tiger UG1000

Tiger Fluids

Service Area

With depots and storage facilities in Bendigo VIC, Caboolture QLD, Lae and Tabubil PNG, East West Mining Supplies services the whole of Australasia, much of Asia and has clients in South Africa. We can provide the highest quality mining equipment and our vast array of honest and expert services across the world.
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