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We can provide you with the best drilling and mining equipment. Boart Longyear, offer some of the best and most efficient tooling for anchoring and grouting, micro-piling and jet grouting.

We can provide you with the best drilling and mining equipment. Boart Longyear, offer some of the best and most efficient tooling for anchoring and grouting, micro-piling and jet grouting.

With their high-quality precision steels and heat treatment processes, they provide unrivalled durability, straightness and stability for overburden and construction drill string tooling. With exceptionally high standards, precision design, engineering and manufacturing standards, leading to ISO certification, means high-quality and reliable tooling for you.

Innovative Jet Grouting Systems

For over 2 decades, many construction drillers have used Boart Longyear jet grouting systems for their high-pressure grout injection tools for foundation construction work. Boart Longyear’s automatic valve assembly cleverly ensures total control of the flow direction, allowing for low-pressure flushing media or high-pressure grout. Replacing conventional O-rings are in house designed, high-quality lip seals, used effectively in these high-pressure applications. For a deeper penetration into the surrounding soils, Boart Longyear uses a specialized carbide nozzle, providing a ‘directed’ grout stream for accuracy, power and durability.

Safe and Effective Solutions

Through their patented TWIN DRIVE thread design for rotary percussive tools, Boart Longyear offer an effective joint solution when using modern high-power hydraulic drifters. The TWIN DRIVE thread dramatically reduces make and break forces on rod joints and provides up to 40% improvement in casing and drill rod tooling life.

Global In-House Engineering

With a talented team of engineers based in Germany as well as their global organisation, Boart Longyear continues to innovate in the mining and drilling field. This precision engineering leads to higher quality products, better in-hole results, longevity of the equipment and cost savings for their customers. Contact us at East West Drilling and Mining Supplies for your next order of Boart Longyear supplies.

Quality Materials

Boart Longyear use a variety of high-quality precision steels along with several specially developed heat treatment processes to provide excellent stability, straightness, durability and wear-resistance of the sonic drill string assembly. Save yourself time and money with quality equipment.

Total Precision

With highly sophisticated thread designs and weight distribution, Boart Longyear’s sonic tooling is optimised for all applications. With a combination of precise engineering and quality materials, their sonic tooling equipment provides the optimum transfer of high-frequency, resonant energy from the sonic head down to the drill bit, allowing for easier and faster drilling with ultimate precision.

Performance Tooling

With in-house engineering and extensive field testing by Boart Longyear as well as our knowledge of application across Australia and Papua New Guinea, you can achieve superior drilling outcomes and performance with optimised penetration rates and straighter holes. Get the most out of your investments with purpose made, durable, quality tools that are made to last.

Contact us to discuss your sonic tooling needs and how we can help you to achieve precision and efficiency in your next project.

Boart Longyear Overburden & Construction Tooling

Overburden & Construction Tooling Catalogue

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With depots and storage facilities in Bendigo VIC, Caboolture QLD, Lae and Tabubil PNG, East West Mining Supplies services the whole of Australasia, much of Asia and has clients in South Africa. We can provide the highest quality mining equipment and our vast array of honest and expert services across the world.
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