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We can supply your mining company with everything from Rags to Rigs

Our range of products is not limited to mining equipment. We can supply your mining company with everything from Rags to Rigs. We can help you set up in Far North Queensland or PNG, Asia. If you need it, we can find it and get it to you.

Boart Longyear is a trusted partner and global leader in providing world-class drilling products. EWDMS is proud to be a distributor of everything from In-Hole Tools, Coring Rods & Casing, Diamond Products, Rig Spares and Drill Rigs. We are the supplier and distributor of Boart Longyear products across PNG. Our joint aim is to make the Boart Longyear products easily accessible to the PNG mining industry.

Tiger Fluids are one of the market leaders in Australia. Supplying a huge range to the mining industry across Australia, Tiger Fluids offer a vast range of bentonite products, polymers, viscosifiers and filtration control additives.
They specialise in manufacturing an array of cleaning products and maintenance products for drilling equipment, such as greases, lubricants and foams. EWDMS stock many of these products.

Mudex is a privately owned and operated Australian drilling fluids company specialising in the manufacture and supply of high quality and environmentally friendly drilling fluid products for the HDD, Mining, Water Well and Civil construction industries.
A core part of Mudex involves the provision of on-site technical support and training of drilling personnel. With a focus on reliable service, competitive pricing, and a complete range of performance-proven and innovative mud products, Mudex can give you the right options to control down-hole problems, reduce drilling costs, and improve your productivity.

Our premium range of oils, greases and cleaners from leading manufacturers like Tiger Fluids and Mudex ensure your equipment is running smoothly and productive. Tested in the most difficult mining environments across Australia and PNG and maintaining excellent performance, ensuring longevity and productivity of your machinery, rigs and mining equipment, these products are essential for any mining company.

Delivering anywhere in the world, make sure your equipment is well maintained and ready for anything.

A leading manufacturer of high quality specialised products facilitating ground stability and water control with a vast range of cementing bridge plugs and packers, grouting and dewatering packers, pressure grouting packers, hoisting plugs, float shoes and collars, mechanical packers and associated problem solvers for both surface and underground mining applications.

Look no further than EWDMS for your safety wear and PPE.
Equip your staff easily and quickly. We supply all bulk safety workwear and PPE. From quality steel toe capped leather boots and gum boots, eye and hearing protection for all conditions. We provide all head, hand and face protection to keep yourselves and staff safe and covered. Thru our contacts we can arrange to have your company brand and names embodied. We stock a range of spill containment, environmental management equipment to quickly eradicate any industrial spills.

We stock a wide range of high quality, Kincrome and Ridgid tools for most jobs. If you need any tool in the mining industry, we can source it and supply it.

Service Area

With depots and storage facilities in Bendigo VIC, Caboolture QLD, Lae and Tabubil PNG, East West Mining Supplies services the whole of Australasia, much of Asia and has clients in South Africa. We can provide the highest quality mining equipment and our vast array of honest and expert services across the world.
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